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Final Post -- November 18, 2005

I'm packing up and moving shop to a new site. This will be the last update on Sam's site and the last notification that you all receive since the new site doesn't offer that capability. But the new site will allow me to manage the photos better myself, instead of relying on David's computer expertise. I do plan on updating the new site much more frequently since its focus will reach outside the realm of Sam. So please be sure to bookmark the site and check back often. Just click here to visit now. I put up a slideshow for Sam and the link is at the new site... so go check it out!

Posted by Mindy at 5:11 PM
Bound and Gagged -- September 14, 2005

Last night David stayed out late playing poker at a friend’s house. And at 12:30 am I found myself in bed with a bottle of sedative, a gag made of neoprene and a giant roll of duct tape. Sounds like the beginning of a B movie or the makings of a racy Tuesday night, doesn’t it? Maybe I should back the story up a bit and explain so as not to keep you hanging… but the reality of it is actually a lot less, um, glamorous.

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if i didn't know better

had i not crested each wave of labor to your glorious
had i not been there for your debut
i would have thought you were dropped from heaven
your body damaged in the fall
but your spirit whole — big, beautiful and pure

never imagining my love to be so complete and selfless
not expecting my fierce desire to make your little body able
and perfect
or my fear to change anything
lest my meddling somehow diminish your beauty

You have captivated me
my sweet, imperfect angel