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Sitting Pretty -- June 16, 2004

A few weeks ago I asked Sam's physical therapist how far off she thought Sam was from sitting. Her response was that it was a "long term goal." In other words, "Don't count on it anytime soon, hon." At this I felt the obstinance start to rise up - my customary response to most situations at odds with my desires;-) Determined to prove her assessment wrong I vowed to work with Sam daily on nothing but learning to sit.

Somehow weeks passed and I never did dedicate the time I had intended on helping Sam master the skill of sitting. When I did find some time to work with him weeks later he surprised me. I sat him on the floor with his hands resting on the ground between his legs to help prop himself and the little guy lifted his head high and stayed there! Only thing I can figure is that he inherited a little bit of that obstinance and had a similar reaction to mine when he heard the physical therapist's prediction.

So the manner in which Sam sits incoporates a bit of cheating since he leans forward and props himself up with his arms. But this is a new ability for Sam and a huge milestone! In this position he is able to work on strengthening different muscles, learn some "righting" responses that will keep him from falling sideways and gain a new perspective in his environment. And he just looks so dang cute sitting up! Check out the pictures in the photo gallery.

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if i didn't know better

had i not crested each wave of labor to your glorious
had i not been there for your debut
i would have thought you were dropped from heaven
your body damaged in the fall
but your spirit whole — big, beautiful and pure

never imagining my love to be so complete and selfless
not expecting my fierce desire to make your little body able
and perfect
or my fear to change anything
lest my meddling somehow diminish your beauty

You have captivated me
my sweet, imperfect angel